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The foundation of KRANTI was laid in the year 1985 by experienced people who have vast experience in the field of transportation with 54 Nos. potential points and with 10 Nos. of Hired vehicles. The company has expanded its business activities in the state of ANDHRA PRADESH by opening.

  • 78 stations in the year 1987-88
  • 70 stations in the year 1989-90
  • 38 stations in the year 1995-96
  • 33 stations in the year 1996-97
  • 24 stations in the year 1997-98
  • 40 stations in the year 1999-2000
  • 41 stations in the year 2001-02
  • 70 stations in the year 2003-04
  • 18 stations in the year 2005-06
  • 20 stations between 2007-09

KRANTI has covered all over areas in the state of ANDHRA PRADESH and some areas in CHENNAI CITY and 1 area in YANAM. At present KRANTI network is of 403 branches and own fleet of 270 vehicles with direct and indirect staff of above 1000 employees.

KRANTI is having ZONAL points at HYDERABAD, KURNOOL, VISAKHAPATNAM and MADIKI (RAJAHMUNDRY) to cover the entire branches of the surrounding areas for immediate salvation of problems and for prompt movement and delivery of consignments in time without any delay in transportation.

KRANTI customers are of NATIONAL and INTERNATIONAL firms since last two decades and have provided exemplary services to the customers promptly in time.

The name KRANTI strikes in each and every mind which has diversified its activities covering uncharted areas of ANDHRA PRADESH and extended to reach to each and every corner of rural areas in ANDHRA PRADESH.

Since last two decades, KRANTI has pioneered in providing a safe reliable delivery network in the filed of transportation.

KRANTI head office is situated in VIJAYAWADA at 5th ROAD, JAWAHAR AUTONAGAR combined with transshipment godown for loading and unloading the articles and to dispatch them route wise so as the consignment reach the destination in time. The entire clearing operations are systematically channeled into 33 routes. The routes are so organized so that atleast 2 vehicles will touch each and every station to clear the consignments.

By enormous support from our valued customers, well wishers and our staff, KRANTI has entered into the SILVER JUBILEE YEAR and there is a vision for the forthcoming years to speed up the present situation and to extend its branches in other states also to interact with the parties of the other states also.

KRANTI is a revolutionary in the field of transportation having a corporate integrity which is a critical asset and KRANTI is committed to upholding it in everything we do. KRANTI share its expectations and opinions and strive to maintain a workplace built on mutual values, trust and goodwill and continued to embed these ethical standards in the business environment.

KRANTI provides the highest quality service to all its customers by continuously increasing cost efficiency and maintaining delivery deadlines. Encouraging employees to strive for quality & excellence in everything they do.